How it Works


1. Register Online

This in no way obligates you to continue with our internet sales program, but if you don't register ONLINE by your 2nd visit to any of our sites, you won't be eligible for the program. So why not cover your bases? Once you register, Carrie Freeman, our licensed Internet Sales Specialist, will contact you.



2. Make a preliminary offer online

Again, this in no way obligates you to buy a house this way, but it does set the framework for the contract Carrie will set up. Once you've submitted the online offer form, Carrie will contact you to create a formal purchase and sale agreement based on the acceptance of the offer outlined on the submitted offer form




We can get down to the business of building your home! Carrie will be available to meet with you in person up to two times, including selecting colors and options, but is always available by phone or email during normal business hours.



So what's the hitch?

Sound too good to be true? This program is for all our communities and designed for people who are a bit more savvy, have already gone through the home buying process, and don't need someone to hold their hand through the process. By limiting in person meetings and staff time, we're able to save money and bring those savings to you. Here are the terms and conditions so you savvy home buyers can read up.