If you are thinking about selling your property for development, then please consider the following:

1. LAND ENTITLEMENT & DEVELOPMENT requires a high level of expertise and experience to accomplish the best return to you, the seller.

Since 1974, Sundquist Homes and its affiliate companies, including Phoenix Development, LLC, have developed hundreds of subdivisions, thousands of single family homes and over 25 multifamily communities in its targeted marketplace which is South Snohomish County and North King County. Phoenix Development, LLC is a proven team of experts with years of experience and vast contacts that can get the job done.

2. YOU NEED DIRECT, OPEN, & HONEST INFORMATION to help you make your decisions, so you can better plan how these important decisions will affect your life.

We are committed to provide you with a high level of understanding of what will happen in various stages of the process, so that you know how the various stages of the project will be handled. We say what we will do, and then do it. If there are hurdles along the way, we work with the property owners to get over them.

3. YOU SHOULD EXPECT TOP DOLLAR FOR YOUR PROPERTY, which is a market driven value. However, it is not just a number that can be used without understanding the specific site conditions.

Helping you understand the market value of your property is part of the process. We’ll arrive at a fair market value with you, and explain the rationale we used to arrive at our numbers. It is important for you at this stage of the dialogue to have this open and direct discussion. You need to be able to trust your decision.

If you have land to sell, please contact Bob Vick, our Senior Vice President, at 425.275.5323 or e-mail him here.