We’ve been building our reputation in the Seattle area since 1974. And our legacy of excellence and integrity can be found in the walls of the multitude of homes we’ve built. It can be felt throughout the communities we’ve developed. It can be seen in awards we’ve been given and accolades we’ve received.

We hear you.

We work hard to be available. We know the home buying process is stressful and can come with some bumps along the way. We’re here to help and to listen, which is why we have unparalleled excellence in customer service. 

We live here too.

When you’ve been building in the same community for as long as we have, you get to be a part of its growth. It’s been an honor to help build this community we live in, and shape it into the place it is today. We’re Seattle natives. We have nothing but the best intentions for the Pacific Northwest, because it’s our home too.

When you’ve been building homes for over 40 years, you learn a few things. Things that matter to our homeowners, and things that don’t. We’ve learned the importance of evolving for future homeowners, and that the best communities are designed from the ground up. We feel homes should be designed to fit how people actually live. Which is why we build homes designed for better living.

We work hard to do
it right.

We want to welcome people home to a place to call their own. A place where they can get away, relax, and grow. At Sundquist, our dream is building yours. 

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