Sundquist's Project Healthy Home

At Sundquist, we're always looking for ways to make our communities, homes, and lives better. Our Project Healthy Home was another way to do that. We've been focusing on ways to make our homes healthier and safer, and therefore better for our community here in the Northwest. 

We currently change our furnace filters during construction and install a new 4" MERV 13 filter before delivering the home. For perspective, code requires a MERV 6 filter; we more than double the quality of the reqired filter.

We have a duct cleaning done right after rough final clean.

Interior wall paint is low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds).

All of our cabinet millwork materials are CARB II (California Air Resources Board) compliant. CARB II caps the amount of formaldehyde emissions allowed in wood products.

Shaw Fascinating Carpet, is made with a high quality nylon called Anso that can be recycled. 

Our carpet pad is made with recycled materials.

LVP flooring meets the Indoor air quality performance standards.

No one wants to talk about it, but let’s face it: mold is part of life in the Northwest. We intentionally take actions to prevent the growth of mold by extensively drying out the home so it’s less likely to grow. We also apply a water-based antimicrobial product to areas more prone to moisture level fluctuations, such as our crawl space and attics, to further decrease any risk. 

Healthy Home Upgrades

make your new Sundquist home even healthier

We have an array of air cleaners and filter options. We have five new indoor air quality upgrades that work with our furnace to filter and clean the indoor air. 

All of our refrigerators with water dispensers come with filters. 

Filtered water at kitchen sink.  

No matter what, we're working hard for a better community and a better home. That's why our roots are so deep and why we've been here so long. To learn more about Project Healthy Home, visit any of our communities and talk to a Community Sales Manager.