Avera's Model Insider Look

Avera's Model Progress!

We thought we'd share an insider look at the progress of Avera's model! Not only do we have a dedication to the end result of our homes, but the whole process is filled with handcrafted attention to detail and our firm belief that your new home should be well-built at every stage. The model has passed the foundation mark and is well into the framing stage!

At this point, the home is still a little breezy (the master bedroom below is patiently awaiting a window!), but it's right were it should be for this phase. It's exciting to see all our hard work begin to pay off as you can start to see the shape this model will take! Above is a picture of the slider looking out on a backyard that opens up to Avera's very own park, and you can also see the vague form of the kitchen on the verge of fleshing out! 

All in all, we're quite happy with how far it's come and are delighted to see it progress even more! If you want to see it for yourself, make an appointment with Jeff Pearson or visit Avera's page on our site to see when it's open so Jeff can give you a tour. For your own safety, we ask you don't go in without an escort. 

Email or call (425.275.5324) Jeff.

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