Thank You

With Memorial Day coming up, we're stopping short to consider all the men and women--past and present--who have given life, limb, blood, sweat, and tears for our freedom. Year after year we come back to this holiday and remember what we've had to withstand as a nation, and what we've done for the optimistic view that human beings have the right to decide their own paths. To speak their own opinions (of which we all have many). To protect those they love. 

We're pausing this week to salute every veteran in every state and in every walk of life. Thank you to any vets who may be reading this. Thank you to all the ones who cannot. Thank you to your families. Thank you for your service, for your sacrifice, and for your dedication. Though we are strangers to you, you will always be familiar to us, and will forever hold a place of honor in our hearts. 

We know this all sounds sappy. We know it's something veterans have been told time and time again. But we're here to say it again because it needs to be said. Because we believe it wholeheartedly. And because they deserve our thanks. So join us in a moment of reverence for those who have sought to protect our freedoms, our homeland, and the people we love.

To each and every active duty, veteran, and their families, thank you.