Meet Our Team: Tara Lotterer

Meet Tara

She's the hardworking Buyer Services Manager Guru responsible for making sure that there are as few bumps in the road as possible to getting your new home. She takes care of you if you have any questions about your newly purchased home, and she does a great many other things. So just who is this hardworking person? Let's find out.

Sundquist Homes: Tell us about what you do.

Tara Lotterer: I sign and manage all of the offers that come in, and I manage the warranty and customer service. 

SH: What’s the best part of what you do?

TL: Making (and keeping) our buyers and owners happy and working with our repeat Sundquist Homes buyers. Oh, and terrorizing my co-workers when the 49's win. 

SH: How does what you do benefit the homebuyer?

TL: I am a here to answer questions and walk them through concerns or questions that they have. The home buying process can be exciting but also stressful, so being able to work with buyers and ease their minds about anything on their homes is paramount.

SH: Why is what you do important to you?

TL: I have bought a few homes and having someone who you can talk to (via phone or email) on the other end is very important and helpful. I am (almost) always available to assist our buyers and owners. It is important to me that our homebuyers walk away satisfied and happy, and are proud to own a Sundquist Home. Customer Sales is the backbone of our business.

SH: What is Conasys?

TL: Conasys is an online portal that each of our owners gets when they close on their new home. It has information on everything that we install in the home (from paint to hard surfaces and everything in between), it is where owners go when they have a warranty request to submit and it keeps a log of all requests submitted. It also stays with the home forever. It is probably one of the most comprehensive and coolest things we have ever offered our buyers.

SH: How quickly can someone get a response for a repair, etc.?

TL: We ask for a 48 hour response time however I shoot for less than 24 hours. I'm always trying to respond as fast as possible.

SH: Does Conasys transfer to the next homebuyer?

TL: It does! It's awesome! I wish I had this on the homes I bought in the past--it's really a great seller's tool for the homeowners.

SH: Will I be talking to you when I put in a request for maintenance?

TL: Once a form is submitted via Conasys, it gets sent directly to our Customer Service department (me). Once I receive it, I send an email to schedule our Customer Service Rep, Mark. Mark will be the one to come out and asses the situation. You can be sure, though, that Mark, myself, and the Customer Service department will all be working closely to make sure everything is taken care of quickly.

SH: Is it true that you’re a 49ers fan in an office full of Seahawks fans?

TL: Haha, yes and I pay for it dearly! But it's okay, I have faith that my team will be in the next Superbowl!