What Community is Your Sundquist Valentine?

Valentine's is upon us. It's the time of year for chocolate, overlarge stuffed bears, and for all the single people to groan in unison. But fear not! Those in a relationship and out of one can still have a Sundquist Valentine, because all our communities will love you back (if you can choose just one!)

Eligible contestant number one is Devon Hill! It's the sleek fusion of urban elegance and farmhouse in the perfect location for all your day-to-day adventures in Mill Creek and everywhere else (it's super close to practically everything). Devon is the sort of Valentine that's clever, inventive, and always fun. If Devon Hill were a person, it would be one that's constantly going camping, traveling, visiting their favorite boutique ice cream parlor, and who simply is up for anything at any time. So what do you think? Ready for a little adventure?

If Devon isn't right for you, you might consider eligible contestant number two: Vistante Hills! As the continuation of the (now sold out) Vistante, it's the same balance of new craftsmanship and Northwest craftsman. Also in a seriously great location that's practically ten minutes from everything you need, this community loves a wide range of Valentines. From the modern career-driven to the laid back lawn manicurist to the self-employed, Vistante Hills is the best friend; the kind of community you can rely on and really get to know, and genuinely want to get to know you. 

The two above might not be quite your style, and that's okay. Braeton Woods has it's own sort of magic. Elegant and modern, with the world at your door, Braeton knows what's up. It's the sort of community that's both comfort food and classic enough to be served at a five star restaurant; debonaire and swanky at the same time. It's versatile enough to be anything you desire, and is sure to be both the sort of community you can trust, and the kind that always looks great. 


Eligible contestant number four is Ashcott Highlands! And while it's not even released yet, it's still vying for your heart. It's a go-getter. The kind of driven, smart, and classic design that has become synonymous with Sundquist. Ashcott is the sort that always got A's in school, who's book smart with the bonus of always dressing sharply. It's intelligent and modern, and intuitive, too. It knows what you want before you even see it.

For your last choice, we have Trellis Part 2. A continuation of the favorite, Trellis Park, it's got the same great design, location, and everything that made Trellis Park what it is. An elite group of four homes, Trellis Part 2 is the cool kid, the ultimate prize. A classic community with the key to your heart.

So which contestant will it be? The adventurer? The best friend? The intelligent overachiever? Tell us in the comments which community you fancy as your Valentine! We're quite partial to them all, but we are a tad biased. You find out more about each community you've fallen for under the "communities" section right here on our site.