Our New Year Resolutions

Hello! We hope your New Year has been great so far! We're sure you've seen everyone post their New Year Resolutions on Facebook, and maybe you've even posted what you're exciting to be doing or improving in 2016. Well, we felt a bit left out, and wanted to share OUR resolutions for the coming year. 

1. We resolve to fully open Vistante Hills and have its Grand Opening.

Vote this one the quickest to pay off. In just a short time, we'll be moving from our sales center (at the now sold out Vistante) to a proper sales center at Vistante Hills. It'll be an awesome fusion of digital and print to really show off what we'll be doing there.

2. We resolve to (finally) open Trellis for business.

We vote this one the challenge. Trellis Part 2 has been something we've been looking forward to for a long time. So long ago, that the last time we thought we'd be ready for presale was July (2015, guys). Ouch. That's only a few months past deadline. But we promise this year to knock Trellis Part 2 out of the park. Get ready!

3. We resolve to release Devon Hill and open its sales center.

We are so close! The sales center keeps getting closer and closer to completion, and we're only weeks away. Once we open the sales center, we'll be ready for presales, which is something we're super excited about! We'll be debuting a whole new look at Devon, so keep and eye out for all the magic that'll happen there!


4. We resolve to open Braeton Woods!

Braeton Woods has flown a bit under the radar for a while now. It's going to be an awesome community in a great location with HUGE lots, but it's another one of those projects that's taken a bit longer than we'd hoped. This year, we're getting ready complete this fantastic community!

5. We resolve to introduce you to Atworth Commons!

Atworth--yes, that Atworth--has been quite the community to nail down and hammer out. We've had an amazing amount of positive response, and maybe released it a tad too early. With an all knew look, we've been trying to get this farmhouse modern community just right before we move forward. But 2016 will finally see the Grand Opening of Atworth Commons, if we have anything to say about it!

6. And finally, we resolve to keep creating crafted, quality homes.

2016 will be the year to keep doing what we do best! We'll be creating lots of fantastic places to call home and love every second! New homes are what we're passionate about, and we resolve to build as well as we are able, to design to the best of our abilities, and to revel in our craft even more than last year. With all these knew beginnings, we know we'll be starting off the new year right, and invite you to join us! Happy 2016!