We really are on it...

Last time we talked about Trellis, we were sure that Trellis Part 2 would happen in July. Well, July came and went. Then autumn came and went. Christmas... well... it came and went. Now we're in the New Year (Happy 2016, by the way!) and we're finally making some steady headway. We've had a more than a few of the normal logistical issues, but we are nearly there and are anticipating (weather permitting!) the release of these homes for sale sometime in the next few weeks. 

Now we get it... you're probably a bit tired of hearing that at this point and we are too! But it's really important to us that we do everything in our power to make sure these four final homes are as awesome as they should be.


Even if things aren't where we timetabled them, we're working extra hard to make sure our handpicked details, astute craftsmanship, and serious quality is on point!

The four new homes at Trellis Part 2 will carry on what Trellis started, by following in the same grain with the similar, great design and handpicked details. Even the floorplans are a continuation of the original feel of this awesome community. With access to the park, and plenty of amenities close by, Trellis Park is a favorite among homebuyers and among our team. This highly anticipated latest and final installment is sure to be a delight!

The homes will range from almost 3,180 square feet to just under 3,250 square feet, and have been designed to accommodate a variety of lifestyles. From sweeping great-room-style living areas to large basements, Trellis Park is sure to have what you're looking for. 

For more on Trellis Part 2, visit here.