Let's Buy a Home: Making an Offer

The purchasing processes can be a strange shifting enigma, but it shouldn't have to be. At Sundquist, we want you to be as knowledgeable as possible. After all, buying a home can be fraught with paperwork, things called "mutual acceptance" and "escrow," and plenty of other things that make a home buyer shake in their boots. We want to clear up your questions and give you a walk-through of what you can expect when you buy a home, and what Sundquist does to make it a little easier. 

We're also answering any questions you may still have, so feel free to leave a comment or a tweet @sundquisthomes.

4. Make an offer! Fairly self-explanatory. For this step you'll work with one of our community sales managers, your agent, or our internet sales specialist. 

5. After you make an offer, there will be some negotiations that will (fingers crossed) lead to mutual acceptance. This is when you and the builder agree on what suits both of you most, and you have officially bought the home. (But keep in mind nothing is completely set in stone until closing. There's still plenty of things that need to happen before that.)

6. This step can be grueling. Getting loan approval means your lender needs to know all about your financial situation. We have a list of preferred lenders we work with, and know to be reputable. This helps you (so you know you're getting a good lender), and us (because we've worked with them before and already have a good relationship). Once your loan is approved, you'll be almost good to go.

7. This is the waiting period. Like we've said above, there's a lot going on behind the curtains. Your lender will need thirty days to draw up your loan, and plenty more is happening with your realtor, our representative, and the title and escrow co's. Just hang in there; everything is coming together, so be patient. Try not to drink too much coffee and stay away from nail biting.