Conasys: Changing the Way We Buy Homes

First off, what is Conasys? If you've been out to any of our models, you may have heard this term, and we want to explain exactly what it is and why every new home (if not every home) should have this. As far as we know, we are the only builder in the Seattle area to offer this, so let us explain how it works.

Conasys is all your home information on all your devices, anywhere you need it. Basically, it's an online portal that lives with your home that tells you everything you could want or need to know about your new home. Every homeowner will get access to an online portal specific to their home on closing. This portal will have all the information you need about your new home. From warranties to paint colors to maintenance for every season, this comprehensive guide is available on any device, anywhere, and all the time. 

And if you misplace the login information, it will always be right in reach, on your electrical panel! You even receive e-mail reminders for scheduled maintenance. Paint colors, operating manuals, and a whole lot more can be accessed through the online portal from any room in the house. All warranty requests are saved in the online portal and will be accessible for years to come. The online portal remains with the home and will provide future homeowners with important information when the house is sold.