Meet Sundquist Homes' new website!

As we're sure you've noticed, our site has an entirely new look! And it's pretty snazzy, if we do say so ourselves. You may have seen it over the weekend or these past two weeks. Or maybe even right now. Our new digs are fully responsive, which is fancy speak for "it works on all your devices!" 

While we are very happy to announce this, please bear with us. There are going to be some links that don't work anymore (especially if you come in from an outside website like Google or Bing) and some that might still be updating. And while we also have a shiny new error page explaining this, we don't really want you to see that

All in all though, things are looking pretty good, and we're very excited for the possibilities it presents, so be on the lookout for more cool things coming your favorite local builder. 

We are (still) located at it's just a little bit shinier and prettier. So come on over! We're excited to show you what we've done with the place.