12 Days of Sundquist Christmas: Day 8

Day Eight: Ornament DIY

This year, we wanted to share our favorite traditions, our excitement over new ones, and our desire to give back. The result? 12 Days of Sundquist Christmas! We’ve been sharing what our employees enjoy most around the Holidays. Our secret recipes, favorite DIY decorating tips, and Christmas traditions are here for you to read. We hope this inspires you to share what you love about the Holiday Season with those you love.

There are plenty of great ornament DIY’s out there, but we're going to show you our favorite: the chalkboard ornament!

First, you’ll need chalkboard paint (we used Rustoleum’s spray chalkboard paint), red and white twine, chalk (we just got ours from the dollar store), and Christmas ornaments.

Step number two is to spray your ornaments. Remove the metal tops for this part so they don’t get sprayed as well. We cut small X's in the box the ornaments came in with an x-acto knife, and stuck the necks of the glass balls into the resulting holes. This will keep them from rolling around, and when you flip them over to spray the tops, you'll have a dent for the bottom to rest in. 


Make sure you’re in a well ventilated area, and are spraying on something you don’t mind getting paint on (we used a spare cardboard box). Don’t get too close or spray too heavily for this part or it’ll drip! Let them dry overnight, and when you’re sure they’re dry, put their tops back on.


Next, tie the twine around the neck of the ornament (we used an 18" piece of twine), and—leaving enough room so you can write—tie the other end to the chalk. And voila! You have a super cute chalkboard ornament. Feel free to write down all your Holiday wishes, or leave them blank for others to write on!