12 Days of Sundquist Christmas: Day 5

Day Five: Best Christmas Movies

This year, we wanted to share our favorite traditions, our excitement over new ones, and our desire to give back. The result? 12 Days of Sundquist Christmas! We’re sharing what our employees enjoy most around the Holidays. Our secret recipes, favorite DIY decorating tips, and Christmas traditions are here for you to read. We hope this inspires you to share what you love about the Holiday Season with those you love.

On the fifth day of Christmas, Sundquist gave to me… The best Christmas movies! That’s right: we took another poll around the office to decide the best Christmas movies and came up with quite the tidy list. Keep in mind, these are just a few of our favorites. You could honestly put these in any order, because they’re all classics in our hearts.

8. To start off the list is The Grinch. Whether it’s with Jim Carey or animated Whos, this Suessian classic is here to stay. After all, it’s not about the lights, or the tree, or the presents, or even the roast duck; it’s about loving each other. And letting your heart grow three sizes more.

7. The seventh best Christmas movie is The Polar Express. This movie is based off the children’s book of the same name, and is equally as gorgeous. It takes us on a magical journey to see Santa Clause, and leaves us with the proof. (The sleigh bell is definitely Santa’s.) We’d watch this for the breathtaking cinematography, the heart, and to get into the Christmas spirit.


6. Number six is The Santa Clause. (The original, people. We know there’s three; we’d just prefer to forget.) The Santa Clause is that classic mix of humor and heart, while showing us all Santa’s secrets. It shows us that doing the right thing and being who you are can be frightening, but it’s all worth it. Especially when doing the right thing is giving away lots of presents.

5. Charlie Brown brings us all back down to earth every season with A Charlie Brown Christmas. At number five, it’s always sure to make you smile, and remind you of the true meaning of Christmas. As easy as it is to get caught up in getting, this movie brings us back to giving.


4. Number four rings us in with a classic: A Christmas Story. A coming-of-age story with its fair share whole-hearted, laugh-out-loud moments, and might even remind you of all the crazy things you did at a kid.

3. The third best Christmas movie is relatively new, but still a favorite. Elf is a mix of ridiculous, magic, and heart. Though the humor isn’t for everyone, if it tickles your funny bone, it’ll be the top of your list. What’s the holiday lesson? Being you is the most magical thing anyone could ask for.


2. The runner up for the best Christmas movie is straight-up classic: It’s a Wonderful Life. Practically everyone has seen this gem, and if you haven’t, we highly recommend it. As the name would suggest, it teaches us every year why we have such a wonderful life. (And how angels get their wings.)

1. The ultimate Christmas movie? Christmas Vacation. It’s a fabulous combination of zany, hilarity, and heart. Which is pretty much the best thing about every Christmas movie. Plus, we learned family is the most important thing, even if you can’t have a perfect Christmas.