12 Days of Sundquist Christmas: Day 1

Day One: The Best Christmas Tree Lots

This year, we wanted to share our favorite traditions, our excitement over new ones, and our desire to give back. The result? 12 Days of Sundquist Christmas! We’re sharing what our employees enjoy most around the Holidays. Our secret recipes, favorite DIY decorating tips, and Christmas traditions are here for you to read. We hope this inspires you to share what you love about the Holiday Season with those you love.

Where’s the best place to get your tree? Whether you prefer a fake tree or a live one, the question presents itself: with so many places to choose from, where do I get my Christmas tree? We asked our employees and came up with their favorite places.


The Fake Tree

Durable with the added bonus of being low maintenance and a one-time purchase, artificial trees have obvious appeal. We took a look at the best places to snag one for yourself.

The Second Hand: One particular employee was gifted a tree a few years ago, and still uses it every year. It’s a valid point: you don’t necessarily need to buy it new. Scour sites like Craigslist or Offerup for a used but discounted tree, or see if any of your friends are trading in their tree for the real deal.

Costco: The best value, if not the best experience. If you want a no-hassle purchase as simple as picking up groceries, and the best value for your dollar, consider Costco. While it doesn’t have a magical atmosphere, it does have great appeal.

Molbaks: Down in Woodinville, nestled on its own street corner, Molbaks is the place to go if you want an experience. With something for everyone, fun ornaments inside, and a great range of pre-lit and very real looking trees, it’s the place to be for the holiday experience. Keep in mind, you are partly paying for the experience, so the product may be on the more expensive side.

The Real Tree

Spellbinding and aromatic, the real tree will fill your home with the smell of Christmas. As long as you don’t mind checking the water every now and then, having a real tree can be very special. Plus, finding one around this time is no sweat, just be sure to find the place that best suits what you want out of the experience.

The Charity Lot: You really can’t go wrong with a Boy Scout or charity tree lot. You get a beautiful, aromatic tree, and you know the proceeds are going to a great cause. Best of all? You get to pick what cause is most important to you and give back in a season that’s all about giving.

Wight’s Nursery: Located in Lynnwood, it’s the place to go for the experience without the ordeal of a u-cut lot. With a shop full of Christmas cheer, and plenty to choose from, Wight’s is a favorite among many. The only downside is it’s a bit higher on the price scale. Just like at Molbaks, you’re paying for the experience.

The U-Cut Experience: U-Cut is definitely just the thing to get you in the Holiday spirit. With something fun for everyone, these farms can have other activities, like phots with Santa or little shops. Just make sure you bring a saw! A few favorites include Christmas Creek Tree Farm, Stocker Farms, Campbell’s Tree Farm, Reede Christmas Tree Ranch, Snow Valley Christmas Tree Farm, and many others!

All in all, there are plenty of great places to get the tree that’s right for you, and the experience you want. Be on the hunt for any special deals, and remember to have fun, relax, and get into the Holiday cheer!