Winter's Knocking at Your Door

It’s that time of the year again!

The time to bring holiday boxes out from storage, live off peppermint hot cocoa, and winterize your exterior hose bibs. While it’s not exactly magical, winterizing prevents damage to your home and belongings. It’s recommended that you drain your outside hose bibs during the winter months and shut the water off (if applicable). Without this key act, you run the risk of water freezing in the pipes inside your walls, which can cause huge problems. And we know this is the temperate Pacific Northwest, so you may be rolling your eyes, but when it freezes here, it freezes fast and unpredictably.

But don’t worry; winterizing is easy! It’s literally as easy as these steps and will probably take you more time to read this announcement than to winterize your home:

  1. Locate the hose bibs at the back of your house. Disconnect hoses from the exterior hose bib faucets (where the hose connects to the house).
  2. Install a foam faucet protector to keep your faucet nice and toasty. Well, at least warmer than outside of the foam cocoon.

For the hose bib is located on the side of your garage:

  1. Shut the water off to the hose bib. All that’s required here is turning a knob, similar to the hose bib knob, located in your garage and typically near your hot water tank.  For homes built in the past year, this is noted with a sticker saying, “HOSE BIB SHUTOFF”. This is the only hose bib on your home that will have a shut off since it’s on an uninsulated wall.
  2. On the outside of your garage, turn hose bib on (yes, we know the water is off) to drain all the extra water still in your pipes. This step is very important and is the final measure to ensure everything works well.
  3. Complete these steps by installing the foam faucet protector.

While you can still turn your hose bib back on during the winter months to use, make sure that you follow these steps again to winterize it when you are done using it. We don’t have to tell you frozen pipes mean trouble. Take care to follow these steps, and you’ll be in great shape.